Capes and Aprons

A Collection of hairdresser aprons and beautician aprons


When it comes to hairdressers and beauticians, attire is everything. Right from design and appeal to its pragmatic use, the apparel your employees wear must cater to their needs if you want them to be happy and live up to your expectations. Whether it is a hairdressing salon or a beauty salon, the rules are pretty much the same. Hairdressers and beauticians want uniforms that are comfortable to work in and also pleasant to the customer’s eye. Imagine having to work in a hairdresser apron for the entire day that is uncomfortable and difficult to manage? It can play on anyone’s nerves. They have a lot to focus on in addition to cutting hair and applying beauty treatments. Attire that makes things a little easier will certainly go a long way in keeping them happy. While ensuring they keep your customers happy they also have to maintain your apparel. Fabrics that are resistant to stains, wrinkle-free and easy to maintain will certainly make their jobs a lot easier and yours too!


For hairdressing salons, we have our beautiful collection of hairdresser aprons. They are available in a variety of designs including animal prints and chemical resistant fabrics. Perfectly designed to cater to the needs of hairdressers they are also pleasant to the eye. Our designs are extremely stylish and offer your salon that sophisticated look that will help you stand apart from the rest. Making sure you pick up the right kind of apparel can make all the difference when taking on your competition. Not only does it set you apart in the eyes of your customers but it also helps you market yourself in an entirely distinct manner. To help you create your own special version of apparel, we also help you customize your salon uniforms according to your style. In addition to this, we also have a collection of designer beautician aprons that will certainly offer you many more options. While employees at hair and beauty salons may perform different tasks the problems they usually come across are very similar.


Just like hairdresser aprons, we have designer beautician aprons for those working at beauty salons. When dealing with customers at beauty salons, a lot of things can potentially go wrong, especially when customers bring along little children. The spilling of chemicals and makeup is certainly a common occurrence and the subsequent staining of clothing. This is something that all salon owners need to plan for. Staining isn’t just an issue that pertains to your customers; it pertains to your employees too. Getting stains out from apparel like printed aprons can certainly prove to be a challenging task. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have salon uniforms that were stain-resistant? Well, we’ve done one better. Our collection also includes apparel that’s wrinkle-free so you can stop worrying about that too. Doesn’t that really brighten up your day?


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